This week we all had fun at Chorley in Bloom! We went to a different site than we usually do, and went to the community garden next to Chorley B&Q. We learnt that this is used by members of the community if they can't always afford vegetables and that a lot of people who may not have their own garden like going there to help out.

We were given several different tasks to do, including raking up the cut grass before it was all trodden into the ground, weeding all the dandelions before they took over the garden and watering all the different plants and beds. This was a really fun session as it was something we had not done with Chorley in Bloom before and everyone had a good time! For all his hard work at Chorley in Bloom, Thomas was our star of the week this week!

Have a good weekend everyone, drink lots of water and stay safe!

Mrs Powell, Mrs Woods and Miss Carter.