22 Mar

Year 10 Visit Runshaw College!

Today our Year 10 classes had the opportunity to visit Runshaw College! We were welcomed by Angela and Karen and a group of foundation students, and we started our session with a lovely afternoon tea, with soup, sandwiches and cakes that had been prepared by the students at Runshaw. After enjoying…

17 Mar

Week 4 in 10R!

10R have had another busy week this week. We continued our topic of forces with Miss Anderton and we had a look at how to measure forces with newtons using a Newton meter. We had lots of fun using the apples and bouncing them around class.

After a couple of days off, we had a jam packed Friday!…

10 Mar

Week 3 in 10R!

What a busy week 10R have had!

On Monday we continued or topic of forces in science with Miss Anderton, where we made paper helicopters to look at how gravity works and how we can affect gravity by adding weight to something to make it fall faster. 

On Tuesday we carried on looking at bar…

26 Jan

Parenting Awareness in 10R!

Today we had a very special visitor in class as part of our ASDAN unit, Parenting Awareness! Mrs Melling came in with her little baby Frankie so we could ask her lots of questions about what being a parent is like and what kind of demands there are when you have a baby. Everyone did some brilliant…

25 Jan

Chinese New Year in 10R!

On Monday we looked at Chinese New Year in 10R! We had lots of fun learning about the story of the Jade Emperor and the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac, and we found that in our class we had a mixture of rats and pigs in our class due to the 07/08 birth years. We all had a try of a fortune…

18 Jan

10R look at Judaism as part of World Religion Week

As religious Studies is part of our collapsed options choices, 10R have had lots of fun looking at Judaism this week as part of World Religion Week.  We learnt about the story of Passover; when Moses led the Jewish slaves to freedom from the Egyptians. We looked at how families celebrate this…

16 Dec

It’s Christmas Time in 10R!

It’s Christmas time in 10R and we’ve had a very busy week! This week we’ve been doing lots of different Christmas crafts, including making our own snowman out of pom-poms and making different ornaments for our Christmas trees. We also had our secondary Christmas spectacular that we have been doing…

9 Dec

Staying Safe Online in 10R!

Today in 10R we were looking at how to stay safe online by keeping ourselves anonymous when we are on the internet. Yesterday we learnt what it meant to copy, modify and alter photos online and how this can affect us, especially when it is done to our photos without our consent. We learnt never to…

1 Dec

Sharing Our Learning in 10R

Today, 10R had their first Sharing our Learning session! We had the parents come in and we talked all about our trip to Calvert Trust last week. We looked at pictures and explained what we did on each day and about every activity. Everyone said what their favourite activity of the week was and…

30 Nov

10R Go to the Races!

10R had a wonderful day at Haydock Races today; but don't worry, there was no gambling involved. 

This was a first for all of our learners, as none of them had ever been to the races before, with not many of them ever seeing a race at all, even on TV. We started our day meeting Toby, an…

22 Nov

Barf Group Day 1 at Calvert!

Barf group had a very busy first day at Calvert!

We started the morning off with a big cooked breakfast before heading off in the mini van to see some lovely views from the top of a mountain! We then wen5into the forest and learnt some bush craft; we learnt how to light a fire and toasted some…

18 Nov

Friendship Week in 10R!

10R have had a jam packed friendship week this week!

On Monday we went swimming, where we all supported each other and, at the end of the lesson, had a bit of fun swim time where we got to play a splash each other. On Tuesday we started our new topic in maths of time and in the afternoon we…