30 Nov 2021

Today we celebrated St Andrew’s Day in class. We learnt all about who St Andrew was and why he was so important. We also talked about how St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and had a look at what the Scottish flag looks like. We enjoyed exploring the continuous provision activities around class and we decorated some lovely Scottish flags. We also took part in some traditional Scottish celebrations which are held on St. Andrew’s Day such as Ceilidh, we especially had lots of fun joining in with some traditional Scottish dancing.  

Posted by Mrs A Clarke

Category: 10G

Tags: 10G Class Equality 2021-22

Brett Greenwood
2 December 2021

That looks great. Harrison is really missing you all. Hopefully he’ll be back next week.

Mrs Linde
3 December 2021

We miss Harrison too and are looking forward to seeing him back in school.

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