25 Feb 2022

10G have had a busy first week back and continued with their learning of leisure.

We have all changed our jobs in our class cafe and are really getting to grips and enjoying our new roles. We are all really excited to learn new skills and improve our independence.

In P.E. we have started to learn about orienteering. We had to find different numbers, along with letters, to help us find and spell out a word. It was really tricky to start with but we all encouraged each other and tried our best. To finish our lesson we did great team work to move the hula hoop between us without letting go of our hands. This took a bit of practice, but with lots of communication and plenty of laughs, we got faster and faster each time.

We have continued working on our money and counting skills in Maths and our personal safety in the community. We will be using the skills we have learnt to go for a walk to the supermarket in to the local community, finding safe places to cross the roads. We will be able to use money to independently pay for items on our shopping list.

We can’t wait to show you what else we will be learning during this fun filled half term.


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Julia Hitchen
26 February 2022

The activities look like so much fun. Great work 10G!

27 February 2022

Hi 10g

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