16 Mar 2022

9Gs wonderful Safari adventure.


So as you know, 9G were very lucky to be able to go to Knowsley Safari park today. 


We saw soooo many different animals! We managed to spot lots of deers, camels, donkeys, rhinos, wolves, tigers and we even got to see lots and lots of baboons! We didn’t drive through the baboons because we wanted the bus, and us, to get back to school in one piece. However we did see lots of baboons jumping on cars and pulling lots of this off the cars! We found this very very funny.

Towards the end of our safari trip we were even lucky enough to see some lions! There was lots of lions, some of them were very sleepy, but some of them walked right up to and past our minibus! 

We were all very excited to see all the animals, especially the lions!


After we had seen all the animals we went to find somewhere nice for us to have our lunch. We found a nice spot with lots of benches that we sat on to eat our pack lunches. Miss Brophy had even brought us some nice treats to have on our trip.


All of our teachers we soooo impressed with how well we all sat on the journey there and back. We had a wonderful day!


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