20 May 2022

What a wonderfully time 9R have had this week…

Yesterday we travelled on the mini bus to The Fylde rugby club to take part in a Tag Rugby inter schools competition alongside nine other schools.

What a fabulous fun and very active time we had, the pupils played so well and it was heartwarming to see them mixing with children from the other schools, displaying great sportsmanship and working as a well oiled team.

The sun was shining and the atmosphere was a mixture of excitement and enjoyment both for the players and the spectators.

Every one of the participants received a medal at the end of the day for taking part and they are all very proud of them…wearing them around their necks on the journey back to school. 

A big thank you to Mr Murphy for arranging this trip…a brilliant day out. 

This term 9R have been learning all about the Romans within our history lessons, and in particular about Roman battle formations and how they worked to keep the soldiers safe.

We researched the subject and discovered lots of interesting facts including what the pictures and symbols on the shields represented. This was followed up by  a piece of detailed comprehension, imagining that Roman shields were discovered underneath our school playground and writing a news article.

We finally made our own Roman shields, copying original designs or choosing to use our own unique design and then painting them. Thick card was used for the shields and we even attached cardboard handles with which to hold them.

Today we practised working as a team to make up our own Roman battle formation before us staff had a go at throwing soft balls to see if we could penetrate the shield formation before the pupils had a go at trying to attack us staff while we defended ourselves against the balls using the shields.

This session culminated with the pupils throwing as many balls as possible at Mr Smith as he attempted to defend himself…what a fun finale to a fun and very informative history lesson. 

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