Oaks Funfair at the Beach

27 Jun 2022

This week we have started ‘The Funfair is at the Beach.’ We started by exploring different activities themed around the beach and then joined in with an Attention Autism themed around boats. We took it in turns to sit in a pretend boat, hold a flag and sing a song. We then sat altogether and…

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7A Super Saxons !

20 May 2022

This week 7A have been looking at the Anglo Saxons and what weapons they used to fight in the battle against the Vikings. At the start of the week they looked at what they used to defend themselves. The children made some amazing shields and designed their very own pattern to go on the front of…

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10G Celebrate Wesak

20 May 2022

This week at Astley Park School we have celebrated the Buddhist festival of Wesak. 

In 10G we have been learning about Wesak and what the festival is about. We learnt that Wesak is the most important of the Buddhist festivals and during this time Buddhists collect food and donate it to…

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10R say Happy Wesak!

16 May 2022

Today 10R made some beautiful cards for Wesak. 
We followed instructions to make the card as part of our celebration of Buddha day.

The class coloured in some Mandala and we talked about how we are all unique as our lotus flowers and Mandala are unique.

we learned that Wesak celebrates the…

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Money magic maths & Eggstravagant Easter crafts !

1 Apr 2022

This week the children have done some magnificent money work in maths. The children used role play to work in small groups visiting the shop, selecting games and items of different amounts . Each child had £10 to spend , when selecting items from the shop they was able to work out weather or not…

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A week with World book day in 7 a !

4 Mar 2022

A very busy week in 7a ! 
In maths this week we have been exploring measurement. We used a ruler to measure our friends hands. We needed to think about where the ruler needs to be placed and from which number we start the measurement from. 
We prompted the children to start at 0 at the bottom of…

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