7A Super Saxons !

20 May 2022

This week 7A have been looking at the Anglo Saxons and what weapons they used to fight in the battle against the Vikings. At the start of the week they looked at what they used to defend themselves. The children made some amazing shields and designed their very own pattern to go on the front of…

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Chinese New Year in 11R

9 Feb 2022

To celebrate Chinese New Year class started by learning about the legend of the monster named Nina who would attack the villagers. The monster was afraid of loud noises, bright lights and the colour red. We discovered this is why fireworks and dragons play a huge part in celebrations of…

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Celebrating St Andrews Day in 11G

30 Nov 2021

We were all excited today in 11G for two reasons- tomorrow we can officially start to talk about Christmas and today we were going to learn all about St Andrew.

At the beginning of the lesson we really didn’t know very much about the patron saint of Scotland, but after listening to a…

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St Andrew’s Day Celebrations at Astley Park School!

24 Nov 2021

On Tuesday 30th November, we will be celebrating St Andrew’s Day in classes. Some classes will be celebrating this through sensory play with water, some will be focusing on the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, whilst others while be exploring the life of St Andrew using information…

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11G Black history month

21 Oct 2021



We have been busy looking at Black History Month.

We looked at article’s, watched video clips and power points.

Then as a class we discussed things we had seen.

We where shocked with some of the things we saw.

We made books about Rosa Parks, a very brave women who changed the…

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10R Family Tree

13 Oct 2021

This week we have been looking at families, how they're different and who belongs in our families. From this we have talked about familiy relationships and identified who are important to us.

Leading up to making our family tree we considered what different families may look like in our diverse…

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