On Monday morning 8A participated in a 20 minute yoga session. We had a lovely lady called Tracey that came into school to take this yoga session. 

Firstly, we concentrated on our breathing and how our tummy moves when we do deep breathing, breathing in through our noses and out through our mouths. 

Next we were asked to wake up our bodies  by patting it with our fingers. 

Then we tried some stretching poses liking the dog pose, child pose, tree pose and a warrior pose. When doing some of these poses, we did some gentle twisting. 

Tracey then brought out a bowl and using a drum stick, she lightly tapped the bowl and it made a lovely, calming noise, also called a sound bath. 

At the end, we hugged ourselves and repeated these words, “I am strong, I am free I am loved”. We all felt very relaxed. 


Then in the afternoon it was Bikeiblity.

The pupils all set to work getting their helmets on and choosing their bikes. They then had a go at cycling around the cage to get used to their brilliant bikes. 8A then did a super job at learning to indicate, using their brakes to stop on command, completing the obstacle course, learning to cycle slowly and practising going around corners. 8A, you were so sensible and did an amazing job, well done!