19 Jan 2022


Oh my , how busy have we been today?
We had breakfast in school before heading out to catch a bus from the bus stop. We talked about looking at the number on the bus we wanted and how to stop the bus. Then we used our ‘Now cards’ to get on the bus. When your Now Card has been scanned by the bus driver, you can get on the bus for free. We all sat together and looked out of the window. Once off the bus we had a little walk to Tesco. We went inside and visited the cafe, yummy yummy cake and a cup of tea.  Then we got the bus back to school.  
After lunch we went to Chorley In Bloom… looked  at and smelt different herbs. Iris showed us lots of different tools you can use when gardening and we got to use them . The sun was out and it was great fun. Iris gave us runner bean seeds to plant at school. 
















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