Independent Travel in 11G

20 May 2022

What a task some of the pupils in 11G had this week- as part of our ASDAN accreditation- we had to undertake a journey independently (being shadowed by a member of staff.)

The journey that we decided was from school to our local Police Station, crossing several roads, keeping ourselves safe…

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10G practice road safety

28 Jan 2022

In 10G we have been learning all about how to keep ourselves safe when we are crossing the road. We started off by practicing on the road area in our new playground space. We talked about finding a safe space to cross and learnt about zebra crossings and pelican crossings. We took it in turns to…

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10R Finally Venture to Tesco

7 Jan 2022

Another touch and go start… lots of obstacles in the way… BUT we made it! After a term of trying to get out and about on the bus, we were determined today to make sure it happened, and we got there!


Starting the day we looked at the bus timetable, we then discussed risks and how to keep…

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11G Get to the park independently.

30 Sep 2021


What a lovely day to go down to the park. Alex and Mason had the big responsibility of getting us all to Astley Park and back safely.  They took it in turned to stop at the curb, look for traffic and then make the big desion if it was safe to cross the road. Well done, you got us all to the…

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11R Work Hard and Play Hard

25 Jun 2021

What a fantastic day we had on Thursday. The morning started off with us identifying what we would like to buy for our dinner from ASDA. 

We then costed up prices as a meal deal and worked out how much money we could save if we pooled our money together. 

We walked to ASDA and split up into…

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