21 Jan 2022

What an exciting time we had at Boulder UK this week. 
We put on our special climbing shoes and listened to the safety rules. 
We were put into two groups with Keith and Sadie as our leaders.

Our first job was to see if we could stand on the climbing holds safely.

We all managed this albeit with some support. 
Our second task was traversing across the wall which was quite tricky but we all tried really hard, showing our thinking and problem solving skills.

The third task was climbing up and down the wall. We did super well at climbing up and we were all brave and climbed high.

The hardest part was climbing down the wall and feeling for the foot holds but we all managed it. 
We then learnt how to jump off the wall and land safely bending our knees.

We finished off with a high climb up to a tunnel and then down a slide.

Everyone joined in with each activity and although it was a little bit scary at times, we all tried really hard.

We are excited to be going back next week.


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Julia Hitchen
21 January 2022

What a fantastic opportunity for the children, thank you to everyone who supported them.
Great work 10G, you all shine so brightly!

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